sales flow

Inspired by furniture industry professionals
Streamline your sales process & boost revenue with web apps dedicated to furniture manufacturers and their dealers.

No more chaos

Time to breathe

Space to think

We connect furniture producers, dealers and clients through a shared workflow that relies on accurate information, automated processes and seamless communication.


use our centralized database
  • to offer more than the competition
  • to offer marketing and sales support to their resellers
  • to control the way their product info is shown on their dealer’s websites
  • to track dealer activity and anticipate popular orders
  • to offer their dealers customization options


use our quotation & configuration tools
  • to generate lightning fast quotes from requests
  • to have updated information from their producers
  • to have access to multiple producer catalogs
  • to support their buyers’ experience


use our configurators & request tools
  • to create their configurations
  • to get quick quotations
  • to make better decisions
  • to have a better shopping experience

The solution

Quote Request
Quotation Platform
3D Download
Content Distribution
Quick-link Shareable Catalogue

Your energy is what makes things flow!

Stop wasting it on the non-essential.


  • Control over product media
  • Centralized quotation system
  • Instant product updates
  • Better communication
  • Clarity in sales flow
  • Your dealers love you


  • No more chaos
  • Work better
  • Higher customer engagement
  • Instant product updates
  • Easy product media sharing
  • Short & simple training
  • Increased conversion

Francesco Crassevig

“Closer to our customers”

Using the visual configurator Wellview created for us makes communication with our customers much better. […]  When we were done with the 3D Configurator we decided to explore more ways that we could leverage the digitized database that we built.

dragos motica

“Simplify our sales flow”

So many hours are saved with this system, both for us and for our dealers. The Wellview team closely and promptly handled our requests, and we are continuing to grow our configurable product database together.

bianca alini

“A partner who delivers beyond expectations”

We were delighted to find in Wellview Solutions a partner who delivers beyond expectations. Beyond the brief and information provided by us, Ina and her colleagues sought to understand our business, products, and specific needs, and always came up with something extra, with insights and features that added value to our clients, and all of this promptly

of online shoppers want the ability to turn products around in full 360° rotation & zoom in from any angle
years cumulated team experience in design & development
increase in the number of salespeople who say they use sales intelligence tools in the last 2 years
configurable product frames rendered

“Our  mission is to empower businesses to grow sustainably in today’s digital landscape.”

Our focus is simplicity, efficiency, and communication. With a dedicated team, we stay up-to-date with industry trends and enhance our products to better serve our customers. We are committed to being thoughtful of the reality of the manufactured object and responsible with its digital form. We use automation to create the space people need to connect with each other.

Horea Radu, CEO