At our core we are all techno-optimists with a touch of realism. Our team mixes expertise from developers, architects, artists, accountants and sales consultants to live up to the most important aspect of our mission. We want to make life easier for furniture professionals.


Wellview is an app suite that creates beautiful ways to show real products in all their configuration remotely.

We call it a fortunate encounter because that is exactly what is was. Our two studios met almost a decade ago. The architects would create an office space for the developers. What came after is the union of both their expertises into a product that is placed between two worlds.

The world of real, touchable design and the world of digital opportunities. This is how Wellview was born and here is who is growing it every day.

Horea Radu


Ina German


Adrian Rusu


Ionut Niculici

Software Developer

Timotei Bondas

Software Developer

Adrian Stef

Software Developer

Adrian Buse

Software Developer

Catalin Pertea

3d artist

Bogdan Ganea

3d artist

Daniel Barbuceanu

3d artist

George Tincoca

3d artist

Gabriela Ghita

Senior Graphic Designer

Alexandra Nicolae

Visual designer

Alina Mocanu

lead tester

Gina Ticmeanu

junior tester